Welcome to DnA Global Community

DnA Mastermind Community: The place to meet your peers in business, mentor each other and co-create!

Our Mission

What triggers motivation? What makes people focus, collaborate, and act effectively for a shared purpose? What keeps organizations productive and agile? How do they achieve a flow of progress and a desire to succeed? 

At DnA, we bring the experience from Sr. leaders right to your table. We are the Co-Creation Network of highly experienced Sr. Leaders, sharing their insights and expertise with a broader audience. We help leaders build a highly trusted network of co-collaborators to help businesses grow. Join and co-create with us!

Our Community

Being part of our Masterminds program means that you will have the opportunity to work with peers in many sectors of business. You will tap into some great minds who collaborate to each other's success. The cohorts we set up are closed groups. No one selling you anything, no one making a fuss. 

Our Community Rules are simple

  • Engage, do not sell (No one wants to be sold to, just add value and build-out strong relationships)
  • Share, add value to the cohort. The more you engage, the more your return will be
  • Be engaging, not an ass. Trust and respect are the keys to collaboration and co-creation
  • Be a trusted source of information, do not go blabbing around telling people outside the network about what people share. The only way to get trust is to be trustworthy!
  • Be courageous to try new things, you are not dead yet. Test and learn, fail fast, grow faster. Together we will achieve your North Star objectives.
  • Be respectful, everyone is investing to make it happen
  • Be silly, yes we are making our engagements fun
  • Take each other seriously, there are no stupid questions

Our values are to enable co-creation, a forward-leaning approach where everyone contributes, is there to support and engage with each other, and build that unique relationship where you can trust upon each other.

Not complying with our community rules may result in removal. DNA obtains the right to remove people from the community, without any reasoning or explanation. We aim to protect the people in our community and stimulate positive vibes and co-creation

Co-Creation is the key to elevating great minds!

We are a network of Sr. people who are open to sharing expertise and knowledge from our day-to-day engagements as leaders in business. We all adopted the mission to contribute to the success of others. 

A huge thumbs up to the co-creators who share content and insights through our podcast shows, share articles, and demonstrate leadership in and outside our cohorts.

A massive thumbs up to you for joining our community, and taking the first step with our to building a network with insights and pragmatic approaches. 

DnA Micro-learnings Podcast (All things leadership and business Growth)


The community is continuously looking to share experiences, support each other with practical advice, and organize peer-to-peer events to help with significant micro leanings and experiences. We are proud to have many great co-creators prepared to share and build out this exclusive community. 


Cecile Umaña shared her learnings as Global People Officer on leading multicultural teams. Listen to this episode to learn more.


Tom Verboven is Head of Management Consulting at PWC. In this episode, we talk about the ESG Directives and how to humanize your business.


Glenn Wastyn shared his insights on what's happening in the hybrid Workplace. And what it will take to get the message to your people. 


Estella Lopez-Brea shares her story as Sr. Leader and how she can grow by building up Resilience, empowering Empathy, and her passion for helping others succeed.

Want to learn more before you sign up?

Not yet sure if this is for you? Don´t worry. Our team is here to support you and answer all your questions. Feel free to book a 15-minute complimentary call.  [CLICK HERE TO BOOK A TIME WHEN IT´S CONVENIENT FOR YOU]

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions we received from our members. 

  • Is the community for free?
    • The DnA Community access is for free. We offer additional paid options like Joining Masterminds Cohorts or physical specialist groups. We uphold the right to change this in the future. Don´t worry, you can unsubscribe at any time from the Global Community. 
    • The Peer-to-Peer Cohorts have a minimum commitment of 6 months. But imagine that your knowledge in your area of business is instantly multiplied by 10. How much more opportunity will you have to make a positive impact!
  • Will I find potential customers on the platform?
    • We are a co-creation platform. This means we help each other solve business challenges. We do not sell to each other. But find ways to support our peers with achieving success in business. Selling is for social platforms like LinkedIn. This was one of the main reasons for us to move to a private community. 
    • You will be able to find people who can help you with improving your Go To Market Strategy or solving a conversion problem.
  • How much time do I need to Invest?
    • This community is designed to enable you to ask questions and answer them based on your experiences or vision. It's up to you how much time you spend. Just set up your notifications digest. As with any relationship. The more you give, the more you will get.
    • Cohorts have face-to-face options and virtual. Join the events when you can, and if not, view them whenever you want. They are recorded and accessible for members at any time. 
  • Can anyone Join the Community?
    • No, this is an exclusive community for Leaders, Executives, and Founders. Every person joining will need to be validated by a member, cohort leader, or the core Community team. The aim is to add value to a niche group, and opening up the community would be no different than starting a Facebook/Linkedin group.